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Smoothies as Meal Replacement or Just a Snack


You can make smoothies for meal replacement or just as a snack. When you are starting out, the
idea of replacing a whole meal with a drink may be intimidating, so don’t worry about it ahead
of time.

Just add smoothies to your regular diet and let the rest take care of itself. For example,
have your smoothie for breakfast, and eat your regular meal or regular “breakfast” afterwards only if you are hungry.

You will soon realize that smoothies can be quite filling and satisfying, and it’s not
difficult to replace them for an entire meal and go a few hours without needing to snack.

If you are trying to lose some weight with smoothies, then start by replacing one meal a day with a
green smoothie and then work up to two smoothies a day with a light dinner.

This can be a great way to kick-start your weight loss plan.

Here are some tips on how to make a snack smoothie versus a meal replacement smoothie.

A Meal Replacement Smoothie:


A meal replacement smoothie should have between 400 to 600 calories. The idea of a meal
replacement is to fill you up, give you lots of nutrition, and satiate your body so you are not hungry an hour or so later. When I make my meal replacement smoothies, I usually like to add fruits and

vegetables (those are the staples), some nuts or nut butters, and either some brown rice protein
powder or a source of omega-3 fatty acids like hemp seeds or chia seeds.

I also tend to use nut milk as base instead of just water, but it does depend on the recipe. These smoothies are generally thicker and more substantial than a snack smoothie. I drink anywhere between twenty and thirty ounces without an ounce of guilt!

If I’m not ready to drink all of it at once, I have a two-part meal and drink half of it right after I make
it, then store the other half in the refrigerator in a glass container with a tight lid.

Then I clean up the blender, make some hot oolong tea to help digest my “first meal,” and an hour later, I would have part two of my meal.

This helps me avoid the super-full feeling that can weigh you down simply from having a large drink.

The difference with smoothies as opposed to, say, a feast of Indian food, is thatyou will soon digest your smoothie and most of the water weight will leave your body through urine.

The Indian meal, on the other hand, can keep your belly heavy for an entire afternoon!

A Snack Smoothie:


If you want to have a smoothie just as a snack, make a smaller serving and opt for a more hydrating option than a filling one.

Check out the water-based recipes in this book, and use half the portions to make yourself a snack serving.

Also avoid putting nut butters and protein powders in a snack, so you can keep the fat content down.

Keep it heavy on fruits and vegetables, but go light onthe heavier fruits like avocado and banana.

I like a snack smoothie when I am not quite hungry enough for a meal. Mid-afternoon can be a great time to make a snack smoothie, or you can make it earlier in the day and store it for a few hours to have it ready to go.

If you have the luxury of making it fresh, do! You can also go with your cravings
and make the right fruits and veggies that you are in the mood for.